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Final Fantasy X Blitzball Guide

Game Modes

· League Mode
You'll have to play 10 games in this mode, wherein 3 points are awarded for every win and 1 point for a tie. Basically, you'll have to accumulate points.

· Tournament Mode
2 to 3 games will be played, where teams battle for the championship.

· Exhibition
This one's fully intended for practice, no experience points will be given but you are allowed to learn techniques.

Character Stats

· Hit Points (HP)
Stamina of character, once it reaches 0 all the stats of that character will be halved. This includes BL, AT, PA, CA, SH, EN.

· Speed (SPD)
Determines the quickness of the character.

· Block (BLK)
Determines the ability of the character to intercept passes or block shots.

· Attack (AT)
Determines the ability of a character to steal the ball during a breakthrough.

· Pass (PA)
Determines the length of the pass a character can do.

· Shoot (SH)
Determines the ability of a character in making a successful shot / goal.

· Catch (CA)
Determines the capability of a goal keeper to catch a shot made by the opposing player.

· Endurance (EN)
Determines the ability of a character to withstand tackles done during breakthroughs.

Action Commands

The action menu appears whenever you press the square button, which enables you to choose between 3 commands.

· Pass
Everytime you choose to pass, you should keep an eye on your PA stat which depletes gradually during passing. If it reaches 0 before the receiver catches the ball, the pass will fail.

· Shoot
Here the SH stat is taken into consideration. Whenever you shoot, your SH decreases gradually, thus when your SH value is lower than the goal keeper's CA, chances are the shot will fail.

· Dribble
This is when you try to take the ball closer to your net. Whenever you shoot very close to this area, the success rate of scoring gets significantly higher. But of course that still depends on your SH value.

Encounters / Breakthroughs

This takes place once a defender/s confronts the ball carrier. Here, the character's EN value comes into play. If you decide to breakthrough, you should look at your opponent's AT value. When it is lower than your EN stat, there's a big chance that your breakthrough will be a success, but that's not always the case, otherwise it will result in a turn over.


In order to learn techs you should set marks so that your characters will follow the opposing players they are assigned to before the game begins. During the game, press Triangle then choose Mark Mode. Now, once an opposing player uses a tech, you will see the word Techcopy appear at the top left corner of you screen. Press O immediately when it appears to learn that tech. Be aware that the only techs you can learn are the ones highlighted in blue.

Status Ailments

Just like in a regular battle, characters can also be inflicted with status ailments in Blitz Ball. Poison - Character's HP depletes rapidly when he has the ball, also a character inflicted with Poison does not recover HP even after he gets rid of the ball. Techs also get disabled when a player is poisoned. Sleep - The affected character will be inactive for a while. You can wake him up by throwing the ball to him. Wither - When inflicted with wither, any of the following stat gets halved: SH, PA, EN, BL, CA.

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